Microelectrolysis Reactor

Micro-electrolysis bioreactor
The device is equipped with auto-cleaning facility, which can prevent fouling efficiently. It is extensively used in the fields of high color, poor biodegradable wastewater.

Micro-electrolysis’ working principle bases on electrochemistry, oxidation-reduction, adsorption and flocculation sedimentation combined actions.  This method has a wide range, good treating effect, low cost, convenient operation and maintenance, need no electric power consumptions, etc. To treat difficult degradation, high organic matter concentration, high salinity water, it can greatly reduce COD and chromaticity; improve the biodegradability of the waste water.

1. Combined oxidation, reduction, electro-deposition, flocculation, adsorption, bridging and sedimentation functions.
2. Low cost, reduce organic pollutants and improve biodegradability
3. Supporting facilities according to the scale and user requests to manufacture into one module, to meet different needs
4. Specification:1cm * 3cm(fillers can made as ball shape, cylinder shape and other shape)
5. Parameters: specific gravity 1.0T/m3, specific surface area1.2m2/g, voidage 65%, strength ≧600Kg/cm2




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