A 500Tons/day water rycycle system in Dongguan

   The water treatment & reuse system for Dongguan precise electronics company.

   Facing the more and more strict environmental protection requirements, more and more enterprise embark on wastewater reuse. First, to meet the emission requirements, on the other hand, created a profound social benefits and environmental benefits.

   Treatment process introduction:
   Pretreatment(sand filter & AC filter)— Ultrafiltration(UF)–Reverse osmosis(RO)–Permeate water reuse(when concentrate water discharge)

System capacity: 500m3/d,reuse rate≥60%,discharge value≤200m3/d

Permeate water quality: PH 6~8, conductivity≤200µS/cm,COD≤40mg/L,SS≤5mg/L,SDI≤2



Reverse Osmosis(RO