Ultrafiltration Processor

Capacities up to 2000m3/h UF System
   Dongguan Wellsource Water Treatment Co., Ltd. manufactures a full line of Ultrafiltration Systems. UF is a pressure driven membrane separation process that removes suspended or particulate matter (including colloids & silt) from water. This solution is far more reliable than a conventional multimedia filter, which removes approximately 10 micron or larger matter, where a UF membrane pore size ranges from 0.01 to 0.10 micron. In addition to superior turbidity removal, UF membranes efficiently remove bacteria and most viruses.
.UF modules (PVC)
.Stainless steel pump
.GB series UPVC piping
.380V/3Ph/50Hz power supply
.Microprocessor control panel
.Motor starters
.Differential pressure switch for protection
.Liquid filled pressure gauges
.Electrically actuated valves
.Feed and product flow meters
.RO pretreatment
.Drinking water treatment
.Process separation or recovery
.Chemically Enhanced Backwash (CEB)
.Feed/backwash oxidizer (dosing system)
.Online turbidity monitor
.Feed pump VFD
.Pressure Transducers
.Blower (for backwash)
Model Specifications:

GFD:Gallons Per Square Foot of Membrane Per Day