Two-pass RO+ EDI Ultrapure Water System

RO+EDI Ultrapure Water System
   Early on, EDI installations were fraught with operational problems due to failure to fully appreciate the adverse effects posed by many common water contaminants on the selective membranes, mixed bed resin or the electrical components (anode and cathode). The resin and membranes are subject to fouling from hardness, organic carbon (TOC), iron, manganese, oxidizing species (e.g., chlorine, ozone), particulates / suspended solids and carbon dioxide. Reverse osmosis is almost always required as pretreatment upstream of EDI.
   Wellsource have experience to help determine if EDI makes sense in your process and to design a system inclusive of necessary pretreatment to assure minimal maintenance.

  • Enables a simpler system (no concentrate recirculation)
  • Produces ultrapure water (up to 18
  • Eliminates regeneration chemicals
  • High recovery, up to 95%
  • Single unit capacities ranging from 1/4 gpm to 35 gpm (50 l/hr to 8 m3/hr)
  • Multiple unit arrays up to 6000 gpm (1400 m3/hr)
  • Compact, durable, long-lifetime design
1.Removes only a limited number of charged organics.
2.Requires feed by good quality water (for instance, reverse osmosis-treated water) for economically efficient operation.